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Pension Auto Enrolment

Pension Auto Enrolment

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Following the introduction of changes to pension legislation in the UK recently, a People Inc. add-on has been developed to enable users to manage the auto-enrolment (and employee opt-out) process. While it is not essential, this add-on is most effective if implemented using the People Inc. Employee Self-Service (ESS) module. The auto-enrolment add-on provides the following functionality:

Every day, the add-on scans the People Inc. system for individuals who are eligible for auto-enrolment. For those who are eligible and have not yet been enrolled in a pension scheme, the system generates a ‘reminder’ to enable the user to do just that.

Users then enrol the individuals in a suitable scheme and update the system accordingly. It is of course possible to manage a number of different schemes from a range of pension providers. Once this is done, the employee is notified by the system (via e-mail).

Where the ESS module has been implemented, employees can (if they choose to) opt-out using the system. Their records are updated automatically and the user informed. Where the ESS has not been implemented, employees opt out via e-mail or telephone. The user can then update their records with the appropriate pension provider.

A facility within the system enables individual employees to submit a request to opt back into a pension if they wish. This request is routed to the administrator for processing. For employees who have opted out, the system will automatically flag their records when they should once again be automatically enrolled in a pension.

This add-on is designed to work with all versions of People Inc. and is a simple upgrade to the system. Please contact us for more information.


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