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Managing Salary Review Through Self Service

Managing Salary Review Through Self Service

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Pay Review Process

The People Inc. system enables users to record historical details of employees’ salaries. This information needs to be updated during the pay review process. The pay review process normally comprises four steps.

Update -

The review process has been enhanced and simplified with a new complimentary tool. More...

  1. Generating New (provisional) Salary Entries
    Use a bespoke wizard to generate new salary records with the correct percentage/fixed amount increase.
  2. Reviewing the Proposed Salary Figures
    Line-managers often have some say over individual salary increases, and in People Inc. they can actively review, edit, and approve the changes.
  3. Approving the Figures and Updating People Inc.
    Once line managers have reviewed all of the proposed salary figures, the People Inc. system will need to be updated and finalised by HR.
  4. Informing employees (pay review letter).
    Standard letter templates within People Inc. enable HR to generate pay review letters to send out to employees.


How can I make use of this?

The process described above can be carried out on a standard People Inc. system already, using either Manager access via the ESS or excel exports using a report, but we have come up with some slight enhancements to make it even easier.

To find out more, download the PDF using the link on the right, or contact us.


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