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Development Roadmap & New Features Announced

Development Roadmap & New Features Announced

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With the People Inc. 3.6 upgrade now in use by most of our clients, we have turned our attention to the development of the Wizards available to users. Wizards and Plug-ins help users with multi-step or repetitive tasks, and enable them to perform more-involved and time-consuming updates quickly and easily.

Existing Wizards and Plug-ins

There are already a number of plug-ins and wizards pre-installed in People Inc. These include a ‘New Employee’ wizard, wizards to book and manage absence, making an employee a leaver, and many more. A number of these will be replaced with more up-to-date versions as part of this development.

New Development

We plan to release enhanced versions of a number of the existing Wizards (and plug-ins) together with some completely new Wizards to help in new areas of the system. During 2017 there are six enhanced/new Wizards planned. The first of these is now available. This wizard is designed to enable users to 'Register an Employee as a Leaver'.

The current development schedule for the new Wizards is as follows:

  • Register Employee as a Leaver – February 2017
  • Assign Training Needs – March 2017
  • Complete Training Course – May 2017
  • Close Absence Year – June 2017
  • Recreate Allowances – August 2017
  • Recalculate Allowances – September 2017
  • Change Allowance Rule – November 2017
  • Recalculate Screen – December 2017

There is also a development plan for some new plug-ins to happen in 2018, they are as follows:

  • Report Browser – February 2018
  • Mail Queue Manager – April 2018
  • Organization Charts – January 2018


For all of the currently available Plug-ins and Wizards, please visit our resources page.

For more information about these Wizards please call the People Inc. help desk on 01908 265111



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