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Auto-Enrolment with Employee Opt-Out and Change Tracking

Auto-Enrolment with Employee Opt-Out and Change Tracking

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Pension Auto-Enrolment


Pension auto-enrolment legislation ensures that millions of employees in the UK contribute to a pension scheme each month. The People Inc. Pension Auto-Enrolment add-on manages the auto-enrolment and opt-out processes.

Auto Enrolment

Phased in from 2012, the auto-enrolment legislation ensures that employees are automatically enrolled in a workplace pension by their employer when:

  • they do not currently have a qualifying pension scheme
  • they are older than 22 years old
  • they earn more tha £10,000 a year
  • they work principally in the UK

Individuals can opt out of pensions set up in this way and should be given the opportunity to do so, but if they do this, periodically they must go through the auto-enrolment process again.

Add-on Benefits

  • Record details of pension schemes.
  • Record a full history of pension arrangements for employees
  • Establish which employees are eligible for auto-enrolment
  • Notify user when employees become eligible (or re-eligible)
  • Record employee enrolment in a pension scheme.
  • Notify the employee that they have been enrolled in a pension
  • Enable employees to Opt-Out (ESS users only)

Historical Records

All pension auto-enrolment information is recorded within the People Inc. system and can be used to generate reports.

More Information

Please contact your account manager, or contact P&A Software Solutions on 01908 265111 for more information about the pension auto-enrolment add-on.

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