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Reseller Feedback Drives Partnerships Forward

Reseller Feedback Drives Partnerships Forward

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P&A Software held their second Dealer Conference on the 29th April 2010 in Bedfordshire. The company develops, supports and sells software for HR departments. A number of regional resellers also sell and support the software in the UK. The purpose of the Dealer Day was to get all the resellers together, review the progress being made and discuss an exciting new software offering: People Inc. Time. The resellers are made up of a variety of types of businesses from one man owner-managers, to HR solutions companies selling a variety of software for HR.

The day was held at the stunning Putteridge Bury Conference Centre which is managed by the University of Bedfordshire. Set in acres of beautiful manicured gardens, it was a far cry from the pokey conference rooms often found in purpose built hotels, lacking in inspiration. The objective of the day was to encourage delegates and generate enthusiasm; the venue played a very important part in this.

After a coffee and a short introduction, the first part of the day was centred around getting feedback from the dealers on projects they had been involved in and discussing how well received the software had been. This was a really key part of the day because the demands of individual clients on software for HR can vary in many ways. The morning then continued to look at the recent projects undertaken by P&A Software and specifically how the flexible software can be adapted easily to meet the needs of so many HR departments.

After another coffee break and some particularly tasty pastries, the discussions turned to how best to market this software for HR departments. P&A discussed how they currently market the product People Inc. and how a dealer may consider using similar techniques. It is very important to P&A Software that our resellers have the support they need and discussing their individual approaches helped to do this.

Following a plentiful lunch and the opportunity to get some fresh air in the beautiful landscaped gardens, the afternoon focused on a new product: People Inc. Time. People Inc. Time is another example of P&A software’s software for HR teams. The system is a fully integrated human resources tool encompassing time and attendance functionality. The software was launched in Holland a number of years ago by P&A Group and is now available in the UK. The software integrates with hardware terminals/clocks to manage ever increasing flexible work pattern that have emerged in our work places. Dealers were invited to attend training on the People Inc. Time software in order to fully understand the full capabilities of the system.

After some more refreshments and with energy levels starting to drop and with many dealers having planes to catch, the day was drawn to an end. It was felt that the day had been very useful both to dealers and the team at P&A Software. Matt Steel-Jessop of P&A Software gave his thanks to everyone for attending and wished them a save journey home.



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