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Refreshed Interface & More Productivity with New Release

Refreshed Interface & More Productivity with New Release

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Updated People Inc. Software

An upgrade for People Inc. has now been released. Available free-of-charge to all existing customers, this release includes important new functionality (new screens and wizards), a fresh new user-interface, and full support for two new versions of SQL Server.


People Inc. 3.6

People Inc HR system version 3.6 from 2016 showing employee record and listing of available data screens


New Features

The People Inc. version 3.6 upgrade includes the following enhancements to the existing functionality:

  • A fresh new user-interface providing an updated data screen and improved short-cut bar, an updated data-screen button bar and a new system button bar.
  • A wizard to manage applicants collectively; an enhance pay-review wizard; a wizard to extract file-attachments.
  • New screens to generate statistics; to collate payroll changes log; to manage driving incidents; to manage vehicle service history.
  • A new 'Themes' feature to enables users to change the look and feel of the system (choosing from a library of more than 40 different styles).


In addition the upgrade provides enhanced database management tools to ensure compatibility with SQL Server 2012 and 2014 (while retaining support for older versions of SQL Server).

Click here for more information. Customers should contact us on 01908 265111 or e-mail to schedule their upgrade.





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