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Scheduling and Managing Tasks and Activities

Scheduling and Managing Tasks and Activities

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Managing Tasks and Actions

22nd March 2021

The People Inc. Action List is used to record and manage HR-related tasks and activities. Entries can be added by the user, but for routine activities (for example end of probation meetings) the process can be automated. Actions are then displayed in a calendar tool called the Action List Manager.

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Actions can be assigned to different users and can be filtered by employee, by user, by date-range, or by category. The Action List can be viewed globally, and ESS users can access their actions too.

Checklists can be defined within the system (for example managing starters and managing leavers) and these will generate time-sensitive actions. The system will send reminders via e-mail when actions are due.

Entries in the Action List can be managed via the Action List Manager plug-in. This tool presents Action List entries in both a list, and in a calendar. An ESS calendar tool is also available; this provides access to the Actions associated with a team or department.

Action List Manager

Diary tool to manage appointments, tasks and activities

Users can change the selection of actions displayed using the Action List Manager plug-in, using the filter feature (from the Action List screen). They can also select different date-ranges (day, week, month, etc.), or simply highlight a range of dates in the calendar to change the view. It is possible to update Action List entries from the list-view, create follow-up actions, and export Actions to Outlook if needed.

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There are many ways in which Actions can help People Inc. users.

Actions can be added manually, they can be system-generated, they can be created when generating letters, they can be used to provide checklists (to manage processes), they can be assigned to others, they can be used to generate e-mail reminders, they can be accessed from the ESS, they provide a full history of activities. Click on the blue 'Learn More' button to view detailed information about the Action List and managing tasks,

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Managing Actions and Tasks


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