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Celebrating a Decade of Partnerships & Looking to the Future

Celebrating a Decade of Partnerships & Looking to the Future

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19th February 2019


People Inc. Partner Event

The annual People Inc. partner conference took place in Milton Keynes on Friday the 15th February. With the partner program in the UK now in its 10th year, the event had additional significance this time around. A number of long-standing partners were joined by new software vendors and HR consultants. Both new and old are focused on introducing People Inc. to new clients this year.

This year’s partner event provided the opportunity to take a look in detail at how individual partners are planning to promote People Inc. and what they are hoping to achieve in 2019. Thought-provoking presentations from a number of the delegates combined with some very innovative presentation techniques kept this this session light-hearted, but at the same time motivational. For most it was a chance to take a fresh look at how they do things, and perhaps learn from the approach others take.

An excellent lunch was provided as part of the event and this was followed by presentations on marketing techniques. This looked at website design, SEO, social media marketing and lead generation in general. All important topics that cannot be taken for granted.


Product Roadmap

There are some exciting new People Inc. system updates in the pipeline. A presentation from the People Inc. development team provided a insight into the new features that will be introduced this year. These include:

  • System update for People Inc. time
  • Employee Self Service updates
  • New system screens (to manage additional HR information and processes)
  • Enhancements to the design tools
  • Better integration with Microsoft products

Information about these new features will be sent out to existing users during the next few months. Suffice to say that the system development session was met with enthusiasm and even perhaps a degree of excitement.


HR Update

The event concluded with our customary HR summary: a look at HR practice, changes in legislation, and how People Inc, can help to manage HR issues. This included:

  • Tools for managing workplace morale
  • Do performance appraisals work?
  • Communicating values and goals
  • Retaining employees

A big thank you goes to Kate for researching and presenting this session for us. Informative and engaging (as always), and a reminder that HR is at the core of everything we do.


Until Next Year...

The People Inc. team would like to than those who attended the event, particularly the contributors and presenters. A special mention goes to those who joined us back in 2009 and are still working with us 10 years on. There is a great deal to look forward to in 2019, including exciting challenges and opportunities. We look forward to another successful year working with our People Inc. partners.



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