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Tools to Implement Data Management Policies

Tools to Implement Data Management Policies

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When an employee leaves the company, their records need to be updated within People Inc. (the user needs to change their status and record a leaving date). Leavers' records then disappear from the standard employee view. Their records however, still exist in the system (and need to be retained for a period of time). After 3 or 4 years there is likely to be build up of old employee records that are no longer needed.

The Delete Records wizard enables the user to select a number of employee records (or a number of applicant records) and delete them from their People Inc system. When this is done, all the associated information is also deleted (including any attachments, any actions, and historical records).

The wizard is designed to save time. For example, a company that has a reasonably high volume of recruitment will need to remove the details of a reasonably large number of unsuccessful applicants. Deleting these one-by-one would be far too time consuming and may introduce errors. The wizard enables the user to select all the records that need to be deleted, and remove them all with just a single click of the mouse.

Delete Records Wizard

People Inc HR system tool allowing deletion of records, tool display introduction text and instructions


Some People inc. users will have data migrated from a legacy system (for example Vizual Personnel Manger). During the data-migration we will have moved old (archived) records into the People Inc. databases. So some users may have records that are as much as 15-20 years old. These records are of course no longer needed. The Delete Records wizard will enable the user to select all of the records for employees who left before a particular date, and remove them from the system.


The Delete Records wizard has a number of features:

  • The wizard can be used to delete either a selection of employee records or a selection of applicant records.
  • The wizard removes all related information from all areas of the system.
  • A number of checks are made to ensure the users does not accidentally delete information.
  • The wizard keeps track of the records that are deleted (an audit trail)
  • The wizard removes records from ESS request screens and any custom screens added by the user.


The wizard provides a number of benefits:

  • The ability to delete both employee information and applicant information.
  • Reduction of database file size by removing unwanted records and file attachments.
  • The removal of any confidential information that may be stored within the database in order to comply with legislation.
  • It is an efficient way to manage unwanted information and saves time.


We are running a number of Webinars to showcase this wizard. These will take place on:

  • Monday 26th September @ 2pm
  • Friday 30th September @ 11am
  • Tuesday 4th October @ 11am
  • Monday 10th October @ 2pm

To book a place on the Webinar please contact P&A Software:

Download Delete Records Wizard

A copy of the Delete Records wizard can be downloaded (and installed) free-of-charge. Please log in to the Resources area of our website to download a copy of this plug-in. Click here.



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