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Working with Partners to Deliver More

Working with Partners to Deliver More

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16th January 2020

Thursday January the 16th brought us together for our annual software partner catch-up. Meeting up with the People Inc. partners is always a pleasure. This year’s gathering gave us the opportunity to review how well People Inc. version 4 was received by end-users, take a look at a number of new People Inc. features, and discussed the product-roadmap for the coming year.

In common with the majority of software upgrades, the People Inc. version 4 release included a mix of changes ‘under-the hood’ together with some interesting new features. Most of our ongoing updates to the People Inc. system are no provided via the Features Browser tool, leaving the more significant changes to version upgrades. In the version 4 upgrade there are some enhancements to security and usability, updates to all three main People Inc. modules, plus a long list of optional features.

It is clear that through 2019 the energy of People Inc. support teams focussed of the core V4 upgrade, and that the optional features are things that will be discussed with clients in the coming months. The general feeling was that the mix of new functionality, and a new look and feel for two of the three modules, was very well received, and that the version 4 upgrade has provided most users with the opportunity for a refreshing new look at what is possible.

With two significant post-version-4 features already available, 2020 promises to be a great year for People Inc. partners, and for People Inc. users. The HR Policy sign-off feature utilises the strengths of the employee self-service module to simplify, automate and provide accountability in a key area of HR. The new Training Matrix tool builds on the strong training management functionality offered by the system, making training information (and gaps in training information) much more visible. Both of these tools help organisations with compliance.

Looking forward we have an exciting year ahead, with the development of four new People Inc. features planned for the first 6 months. Two of these are already at the prototype stage and partners seemed very keen to get their hands on them. A number of suggestions/requests from individuals have also been added to the mix for this year.

Many thanks to those who attended, and thank you too for your ongoing commitment and energy where People Inc. is concerned. We are looking forward to working closely with partners in 2020.



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