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Working Effectively with HR Software

Working Effectively with HR Software

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Articles on HR Software

Training Feedback Forms

When an employee completes a training course, there are significant benefits to be gained when the effectiveness of the training is evaluated. Traditionally this has been done with a paper form, making the collection and analysis of the information a manual process. More...


Performance Reviews - Appraisal Forms

Employee reviews and appraisals have maximum impact when they have a clearly defined purpose and a clearly defined way of analysing any responses. Reviews represent a valuable and important interaction with employees and their importance should not be overlooked. More...


Types of HR Management System

HR management can be achieved using systems using paper or the latest multinational ERP platform. Each type of hr system has its own strengths and weaknesses and selecting the correct one requires understanding how the different types of system operates.. More...


Selecting an HR System

There are a number of important things you should consider when selecting a new HR system. This step-by-step article should help to plan the selection of a system and ensure that the system you implement is the right one for your organisation. More...



Designed to strengthen the protection of personal information held by organisations, the new GDPR regulations come into full effect on 25th May 2018. Unlike the Data Protection Act, compliance with GDPR is mandatory and all organisations will therefore need to review the way they record and manage employee records. More...


Flexible Working

Pressures and demands of modern life often lead to employees taking time off work to deal with commitments they have. These may be family-related, a legal matter, perhaps health-related, or simply a desire to spend time during the day on another interest or activity. Employers who offer flexible working hours are likely to attract (and retain) staff who feel that working a fixed 9-to-5 work-pattern too restrictive. More...


Web Recruitment Module

Many HR systems manage employee information, absences, training etc. but not all of them provide seamless integration of vacancies and applicants. People Inc. can do just this with the Web Recruitment module.

It enables users to publish details of vacancies on their web site and when candidates apply online, their details are recorded automatically within People Inc. More...


Company Statistics

A wealth of information can be managed using the People Inc. system and this can be analysed via reports. But this is a manual process that can be time consuming.

We have put together a brand new screen that will help you to achieve this with greater ease. More... 


Pay Review Process

The People Inc. system enables users to record historical details of employees’ salaries (and other information about their remuneration). This information needs to be updated during the pay review process, and can be carried out in People Inc. with a specifically designed wizard.

We have put together functionality that will help you to achieve this with greater ease. More...


Driving Incidents

People Inc. is an incredibly flexible system. It is possible to add screens and even adapt any of the existing screens quickly and easily, such as adapting it to allow you to keep a record of parking tickets, speeding offences, and collisions that involve employees. More...


Payroll Extract

The Payroll Extract enhancement for People Inc. is designed to enable users to access and extract details of changes that relate to payroll processing, quickly and easily. This information can then be transferred to the payroll software (or bureau) that you use. More...


Calculating Holiday Entitlement

Organisations in the UK are required by law to provide paid leave to employees. The basic entitlement is 5.6 weeks per year up to a maximum of 28 days. Awards in excess of this can be subject to additional rules but the basic entitlement is subject to specific protections. In other nations around the world different rules apply and hr systems must be flexible to account for the range of calculations that may be required. More...


Absence Management Software

Organisations of all sizes need to track and manage time lost to planned and unplanned absence. As they grow and change the systems they use may evolve from paper to spreadsheet and onwards to a software solution. More...


Time and Attendance Software

Employee clocking systems are a common means of tracking worked hours. These systems can be an integrated part of a modular HR system and deliver highly accurate data. Such systems handle the complexity of the working day, understanding when time should be paid, not paid or be paid at a special rate. More...


HR Software – the future made simple

Human Resources – should it not be a resource for humans? Not a distant department that one receives faceless emails and payslips from. Read on to find out how the industry is changing... More...


HR Software moving forwards

It may seem obvious from the outside but within a company it is important that communication is both efficient and effective. Of course these are buzz words and are easily thrown around... More...


HR Management Software - An affordable solution?

In the fast paced modernistic business environment one might be mistaken for thinking that “time is money” and “you snooze, you lose” are actually viable explanations of the modern market place... More...


The Power of Employee Self-Service

Businesses rely on employee performance to maintain a healthy business model, the employees need to feel wanted and looked after within the company. The safer and more secure the employees feel... More...


The benefits of an Employee Self-Service system

In today’s society, the importance of streamlining processes and ensuring time is used as efficiently as possible, is spreading like wildfire. It seems people’s time is much more precious than ever before. The presence of employee self service systems is just one example of a time saving practice now being implemented... More...


Employee Self-Service Software; moving with the times - People Inc.

Moving with the times is essential in business and keeping up with all of the changes in ways of working and new business solutions can be exhausting. There is a need to be on top of your game at all times and this and only this will help you to succeed in the modern business world... More...


HR Management Software by People Inc.

As time goes by we will become more and more dependent on computer systems to get the job done; why? Well the simple fact is that the mundane tasks that need to be completed at speed are better off left to a dedicated system... More...


Personnel Management Software by People Inc.

The world of business is fast paced and more than ever, there is additional pressure to make ends meet and to come in on budget. We are in the middle of a global financial crisis and as such each and every part of the business practices we adopt... More...


Partner Conference

P&A Software held their second Partner Conference on the 29th April 2010 in Bedfordshire. The company develops, supports and sells software for HR departments. More...


Why use HR Software?

Regardless of the size of the company the HR department has an extremely important role to play in managing the welfare of employees, ensuring that their needs are met... More...


Euphony Communications selects personnel software People Inc.

The HR team needed a personnel management system that would provide remote access to a central database while being flexible enough. More...


The benefits of HR Software

In this fast paced business world, those companies that are able to deliver high levels of service and internal organisation will be able to flourish. However, there is always room for improvement... More...


Human Resources Software

In the past the HR department of a company was run by trained employees on a paper and file based system. Nowadays it is more acceptable and more efficient for a company to use a human resources software package... More...


Online Recruitment

Matt Steel-Jessop, managing director of hr management software specialist P&A Group, discusses the importance of maintaining a good relationship with job applicants and the benefits of online recruitment... More...


Nursery chooses human resources software - People Inc.

A nursery group with several locations around the UK employs 400 people. The company has been using the human resources software... More...




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  • Calculating Holiday Entitlement
  • Absence Management Software
  • Time and Attendance Software
  • Human Resources Software – The future made simple
  • HR Software moving forwards
  • HR Management Software - An affordable solution?
  • The Power of Employee Self Service Software
  • HR Management Software by People Inc.
  • GDPR
  • Personnel Management Software by People Inc.
  • Why use HR Software?
  • Euphony chooses personnel management software People Inc.
  • The benefits of Personnel and Human Resource Management
  • Human resources software
  • Online recruitment software
  • Nursery chooses human resources software
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