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Monitor Training Delivery with Feedback Forms

Monitor Training Delivery with Feedback Forms

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Training Evaluation Forms


There are many ways that using the People Inc. Employee Self-Service system enables an organisation to save paper. Adding forms to the ESS means that employees can complete these via a PC (or mobile device) rather than print the form and fill it in.

Most employees are asked to complete a training evaluation form when they complete a training course. The information they provide helps the organisation to work out how effective the training has been and deal with any issues raised. Traditionally this has been done with a paper form, making the collection and analysis of the information a manual process.

Example Training Feedback Form

Traditional paper based training evaluation form

Adding a training evaluation screen to the People Inc. ESS will:

  • Enable individual employees to provide feedback on training courses they have undertaken
  • Give employees the opportunity to identify training courses missing from their records
  • Enable HR to identify missing feedback forms (and follow this up with an e-mail)
  • Enable HR to undertake an analysis of the effectiveness of the training undertaken
  • Enable HR to ensure that any training-related shortcomings are addressed

Training Evaluation Form

A training evaluation form can be created using the People Inc. screen design tool. The content and layout of the form can match an existing form, or adding the form to the ESS can be an opportunity to review this. Forms added in this way can be published via the People Inc. ESS.

When an employee opens the Training Evaluation form, they can select the course they have attended using the drop-down provided on the screen*. They then work through the form and add feedback based on the questions asked. Questions can be formatted to use general notes (as shown above), a selection of answers (from a list), tick-boxes, or a combination of all of these formats.

* This applies when employee training has been pre-planned and training courses have been recorded within the People Inc. system.

Verification and Analysis

Administrators can use reports to establish who has provided feedback on training they have attended (and who has not). It is possible to send follow-up e-mails to those who have not completed training evaluation forms.

Reports can also provide an analysis of the content of the feedback provided. For example:

  • Which courses are not meeting the requirements or standards set by attendees?
  • Which suppliers are providing the highest level of training?
  • Which training activities need to be re-visited?
  • Are all training provides value for money?

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