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Our People Inc. system is designed to enable the HR team with an organisation to record and manage their personnel records, communicate effectively with employees and management, and improve the efficiency of their HR function. The optional Employee Intranet (self-service) and Time & Attendance modules provide users with a wealth of additional functionality.

People Inc. enables users to manage a wide range of personnel, training and recruitment information and generate reports and letters. When used with the Employee Intranet (self-service) module, employees can submit holiday requests which are routed to their managers for approval. Managers can also book sickness and other records for their team.

Design tools are provided so that users can adapt and personalise their system quickly and easily. This enables them to configure the system to meet all of their needs and add further functionality where needed (for example when internal HR policies or procedures change). These design tools can also be used to add workflow to the Employee Intranet.



People Inc HR Module

An upgrade for People Inc. has now been released. Available free-of-charge to all existing customers, this release includes important new functionality (new screens and wizards), a fresh new user-interface, and full support for two new versions of SQL Server.

New Features

The People Inc. version 3.6 upgrade includes the following enhancements to the existing functionality:

A fresh new user-interface providing an updated data screen and improved short-cut bar, an updated data-screen button bar and a new system button bar. A wizard to manage applicants collectively; an enhance pay-review wizard; a wizard to extract file-attachments.

New screens to generate statistics; to collate payroll changes log; to manage driving incidents; to manage vehicle service history. A new 'Themes' feature to enables users to change the look and feel of the system (choosing from a library of more than 40 different styles). In addition the upgrade provides enhanced database management tools to ensure compatibility with the latest SQL Server versions (while retaining support for older versions of SQL Server). Click on the Download PDF button on this screen for more information.

Customers should contact us on 01908 265111 or e-mail to schedule their upgrade.



Employee Self Service Module

The People Inc. Employee Intranet module is a web-based self-service tool allowing your employees to book their own holiday leave on-line. This means that you can eliminate paper-based systems and that response times to requests will be greatly reduced. Bookings are routed to managers for approval and then recorded automatically in the database. If required, using this tool, your managers may also access some employee-related records allowing them to see and maintain the information.

Access to the People Inc. Employee Intranet is via a web-browser so no additional software needs be installed on your organisation’s PCs. This means that your employees can:

  • Access some or all of their personnel information.
  • View additional personnel or company information, like current vacancies.
  • Submit holiday requests on-line and view department holiday bookings.

You can then:

  • Delegate administrative tasks to line managers, empowering staff and improving efficiency
  • Enable managers to approve or decline holiday requests submitted by your employees
  • When used in conjunction with People Inc. Time both your employees and managers can view details of attendance too.



Time & Attendance Module

Designed to enable users to roster staff and manage their timekeeping, the People Inc. time module combines hardware and software elements to provide a fully featured Time & Attendance solution. The system is designed to manage shift patterns and staff rostering, collect real-time clock information, manage access-control, highlight absence, late arrival, shortened working days, calculate overtime, manage flexi-time, extract information for payroll-processing and generate reports.

With the additional benefits of the the integrated functionality available from the from People Inc. HR module and the Employee Self Service module, the People Inc. time T&A module provides users with a powerful, flexible, up-to-date and cost-effective solution.

System Features

The People Inc. Time system provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Flexible rosters cater for variable staffing requirements
  • User defined business rules for shift patterns, overtime, holidays, etc.
  • Time registration via a range of devices, including modern clock-terminals, PC clocking-agent, and web-based time registration tools.
  • e-Mail alerts generated by the system and sent to managers as required.
  • Suite of reports provide management reporting and identify trends.
  • Fully integrated with HR database (one set of absence records).
  • Access Control features record and manage employee access.
  • ESS enables employees to view records and request holidays.
  • Data extract to generate information required for payroll processing
  • Information recorded using Microsoft SQL Server technology
  • One system can be used to manage staff-attendance at many sites



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