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Sickness & Lateness Registration, Holiday Buy & Sell, Toil Requests

Sickness & Lateness Registration, Holiday Buy & Sell, Toil Requests

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Absence Add-on


The People Inc. system provides a wealth of features designed to manage employee leave and absence. Absence allowances manage the leave assigned to individual employees and a full range of absence bookings can be recorded within the system. Allowances can be automatically adjusted for bank holidays and pro-rated using an employee’s FTE.

The People Inc. ESS provides the means for employees to request holidays. These requests are routed to their line manager for approval. Once approved, an entry is added to the absence calendars in the system, which are available then to help schedule activities and plan for workloads.

New for 2019

Several absence related enhancements and updates have been made to the system for 2019. These include the means to report sickness absence, and an online return to work form. It includes a way for employees to indicate that they are running late, and a mechanism to register hours worked outside an employee’s normal work pattern (this time is added to a TOIL allowance and then booked as leave). There is a feature that enables employees to buy or sell holiday days, and finally, there is a suite of new absence reports.

Optional in Version 4

So the standard ESS system is great for managing planned absence, but a different approach is required when managing un-planned absence. Additional features made available with People Inc. version 4 enable staff to register staff sickness, and when the employee returns to work they are able to complete an on-line return to work form.

Fully integrated with the historical employee absence records and the absence calendars, these two ESS forms enable line managers to record and manage staff sickness themselves. HR users can then monitor this process and run absence analysis reports.

The ESS Absence Pack

The ‘I am running late’ feature enables ESS users to notify the organisation that they are running late. If the ESS is made available outside the organisation’s office this can be done from the employee’s mobile phone.

Employees can now register any time that they work over and above their usual work patten Once approved, this is added to a time-off-in-lieu (TOIL) allowance and can be booked (as time off) in the same way as other leave is booked.

The absence pack includes a facility that enables staff to elect to buy and sell holidays. This adjusts their holiday allowance and an equivalent amount is either added or deducted from their pay.

Absence Reporting

A new suite of absence reports have been made available as free downloads. These reports provide an analysis of absence information and are based on the governments ONS analysis of absence.

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