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Freely Download Additional Report Templates from an Online Library

Freely Download Additional Report Templates from an Online Library

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Report Browser

The Report Browser is a new feature that enables People Inc. users to review the report templates that are available as free-downloads from the People Inc. website. Users can then select and install individual report templates for use within their People Inc. system.

The standard People Inc. system includes around 200 report templates. These can be found in the Report Library within the system. For some time it has been possible to download additional report templates and import them into the Report Library, but until now this has been done manually. The Report Browser plug-in automates the process and provides users with quick, easy access to around 200 additional reports.

Report Browser

Tool integrated into the People Inc HR system showing a listing of available reports, an image and description of the selected report  and a function button to download and add report to the system

Example Reports

Stacked A4 reports generated by the People Inc HR system showing a variety of charts, graphs, tables and other possible designs for a variety of hr topics


The Report Library Browser provides the following features:



This new People Inc. plug-in provides users with a number of significant benefits:


Also Available

New Wizards and Plug-ins are regularly added to the People Inc. system. These can all be downloaded from the People Inc. Resources pages. Plug-ins that provide the following functionality are currently available:


Download Report Browser Plug-in

A copy of the Report Browser plug-in can be downloaded (and installed) free-of-charge from the Resources area of this website. Once downloaded, you are likely to need to ask your IT team to install the plug-in for you. Please note that you will need to register for an account before you can access People Inc. resources. Click here.

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