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We run regular webinars designed to help customer to get more from their system. Each session focuses on a particular aspect of one of the People Inc. modules. The sessions are designed to provide an insight into the functionality that is available.

December 2019 - Personnel Manager Absence Year End

Vizual Personnel Manager Year End (December 7th @ 10.30). At the end of each holiday year, bookings and allowances need to be reconciled, and allowances added for the coming year. This webinar is designed to help user who stall have the Vizual Personnel Manager software to run through the absence year end process. The webinar covers:

  • Adding Bank Holidays for 2019
  • Making sure all absence bookings are up-to-date
  • Running the Year End Maintenance Tool
  • Run absence report to check everything is correct
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December 2018 - Absence Year End

People Inc. Absence Wizards (December 12th @ 11am and December 13th @ 2pm). At the end of 2017 we provided a new set of wizards to help users with the absence year end process. In essence, this involves 3 steps:

  • Two months before the end of the holiday year, check for unused holiday and notify employees.
  • Create holiday allowances for the coming year.
  • Once the year end has passed: reconcile holiday records and close allowances.

This webinar reviews the functionality provided via the Wizards. More detail on these Wizards is provided in the News section. More...

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January 2019 - New Starters & On-boarding

Staff Induction (January 16th @ 11am and January 17th @ 3pm). When new staff join the induction process can be managed using the People Inc. system.

The system can be configured to automatically create a check-list of all the on-boarding activities. These are usually created as Action-List entries, however, it is also possible to create an on-screen check-list to manage staff induction.

Where other staff contribute to staff induction (for example, IT may issue computer equipment and mobile phones), they can be notified and update the system as part of the process.

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February 2019 - Managing Access Profiles

Access Profiles (February 13th @ 10am and February 14th @ 2pm). It is possible to restrict user access to data held within the People Inc. system using access profiles.

It is possible to add any number of user accounts and user access profiles to the People Inc. system. This webinar looks at how user-access can be managed for groups of users.

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March 2019 - Creating Simple Reports

Simple Reports (March 20th @ 11am and March 21st @ 3pm).

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April 2019 - Letter Generation Basics

Letter Templates (April 17th @ 10am and April 18th @ 2pm).

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May 2019 - Adding Fields to Screens

Screen Design (May 14th @ 2pm and May 15th @ 3pm). The People Inc. screen designer enables users to add fields to data screens.

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Call 01908 265111 to book your place or click here. You will then receive an e-mail containing information about the webinar and instructions explaining how you join. Just prior to the webinar itself, we will send you an e-mail reminder. You join the meeting by clicking on a link that opens your web browser. You will be asked to give your name as you join. The video part of the webinar is displayed on your screen. To listen to the webinar you have 2 choices: either use your telephone or use the speakers on your PC (or a headset).

Note: We use a tool called GoToMeeting to enable us to run our webinars. Most people can join these sessions without making any special arrangements. Some organisations block access to tools such as GoToMeeting. You may need to check with your IT team to make sure you are able to use GotoMeeting.

For details of webinars we have run in the past, please click. here.


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